Best platform for online downloadable digital products

From the research that I have been doing about internet marketing over the last few weeks I have learned that the hottest thing going right now is digital products. My New Year’s resolution after learning this is to write some how-to books on several different subjects that I am knowledgeable in–you don’t get this old without learning how to do SOMETHINGS well!–and sell them here on my blog, on my other blogs, and get other bloggers and website owners to become affiliates and sell my books too.

That is why I was so happy to discover this news today., which is a leading self-service digital content ecommerce platform, has released a new version of its content storage and fulfillment system that will deliver downloadable content: ebooks, music, videos, software, crafts, or any other file. This platform provides unlimited file storage for sellers using its services.

If you are in the digital products business or are like me and planning to become involved in it, do yourself a favor and check out the PayLoadz Downloadable Goods eCommerce site and read the following press release that will give you more information.