Can I train myself to be an entrepreneur?

I was reading Laura’s blog Writing Thoughts this morning and really enjoyed her and other bloggers’ opinions on whether entrepreneurs are born or bred. There are links in the article to several other posts where bloggers besides Laura weighed in.  So what is my opinion on this subject? I think certain aspects of an entrepreneur are hereditary, such as drive and determination. Not everyone has that type of personality. Some people are just naturally laid back and couldn’t sweat stuff if they tried. Sometimes I wish I were that kind of person. However, I probably wouldn’t have accomplished near what I have in my career if I had been.

But I will not say that I strictly believe that entrepreneurs are born and not bred. I believe that if anyone has enough passion and conviction they can be their own boss and be successful. It’s all about vision and perspective. Still, I bet those laid back people need a bigger does of those attributes than the entrepreneur who is a naturally ambitious and driven person.