Disappointment with Associated Content service

A few days ago I wrote this blog post about how I was done submitting material to Associated Content. Since there were fifteen comments, one from the founder of AC himself, I decided to re-open this subject for discussion. Most of the writers who chimed in who work or once worked for AC agreed with my opinion, but there was one writer who said that my vanity was hurt because I was rejected by Associated Content. That would be like saying my vanity was hurt because I was rejected by Gary Coleman for a date! Laughable. I was only throwing AC a bone or two, submitting posts from my blogs that I thought might be of interest to their readers. I wasn’t trying to make a creative statement. When I do that I sure wouldn’t waste submitting my work to a second rate site like Associated Content.

I am interesting in hearing what you have to say about AC and their new habit of rejecting almost everything that is submitted, but telling you that you can make money with page-views, which you have to market your page to get. This is so bogus it’s not even funny. Do you think so too? Will AC continue to exist if they don’t start showing their appreciation for their writers?