Experiences of a freelance writer on the web

I hope this doesn’t happen to me after I get my job board and freelance leads sections completed. As you can see they are under construction. I have decided to re-dedicate myself to this blog and offer you great leads and helpful advice, links and articles.

Right now I am researching little known leads that you don’t find anywhere else. That is taking time, but good things are worth waiting for. I look forward to a renewed relationship with my readers and to gain many more. Once you see that the pages are completed if you will blog about it with a link to me and let me know that you did I will blog you back with a link in return.

Clean and fresh is how I feel since I have rid this blog of post about drugs, watches, window tint and insurance, etc. No more. It felt cheesy sometimes, doing those kind of post, but I was getting paid and a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do when the bill collectors come a’ callin! However, I solemnly vow NOT to blog about anything that is not related to the content of my blog or is not interesting to my readership, ever again.

I am applying for REAL freelance writing and blogging jobs. I will concentrate my spare time into building Freelancing Journey into a great and helpful place for writers, bloggers and internet marketers. Oh, yeah…if you have any suggestions or ideas as to how I can make Freelancing Journey better I’m all ears! :)