Having good kids is a blessing

I had a long phone conversation with my son this morning that helped me tremendously. It’s something else, ain’t it, when you child seems to have more wisdom about a situation than you do. But hey, at least that tells me that I raised a good kid. Justin is very level headed.

I was telling him that I felt untethered, that I felt like I needed a major change in my life but really feel stuck as to what to do about it. He gave me some suggestions and lots of motivational words and advice that have brought me much peace. I have a much better handle on things now. I have set myself a goal, a clear goal, of which direction I want to take and feel as if a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

Change is hard, but sometimes it is the only solution. And thank God for kids. WAHMS, I am here to tell you that though it seems hard at times, when those babies grow up and become your adult friend and confidant, there is nothing better in the world.