How I found peace listening to Joyce Myers?

I love Joyce Myers. I started listening to her YEARS ago! She is tough and tells it straight up. And this woman of God always has a message that seems to be meant just for me. Yesterday I turned on the TV early in the morning and landed slab dab in the middle of a message about not hanging around negative people. I am going through a challenge right now of trying to break a bad habit of going to a place where just these kind of people hang out. I have been telling myself that because I was a positive person that the thinking of these people couldn’t affect me, that I could be a positive influence on them, in fact. Well yesterday Joyce made me see that my ego was what that was about and the only thing that was happening was that their negative thinking was rubbing off on me. The devil is smart, never think he’s not. He is patient too. He has been sending me to this place for about 2 years, and slowly, without me really seeing what was happening, the negativity around me has been rubbing off on me in increments, just enough for me not to realize that I was changing, and not in a good way.

Well devil I’ve got some news for you today! I am done. You can’t have me, you will NOT take my joy. My natural state is joyful and peaceful, filled with the love of God. I am returning to that state and I vow to never return to the place where these sad and desperate people choose to spend their time. There is a country song that says, “Dirt doesn’t stick to her, she’s better than that.” And that’s me.

What about you? Do you find yourself surrounded by negative people? Joyce Myers said yesterday that the excuse most people make for not removing themselves from these kind of people was that they didn’t know where they would go or who they would hang out if they did. The challenge is to find a way to surround yourself with positive people. Change is not easy, but by God it’s worth it.  Remember that old saw, “Birds of a feather flock together?” Or you an eagle or a turkey? As for me, I choose to soar, even if it might be a solo journey for a while until I find other eagles to befriend.