How to develop good work habits?

I have been thinking a lot lately about good work habits. I am convinced that being disciplined and organized are two key components of success. I have no idea how someone who is messy can get anything done, although I do know of people who are, I just think they are probably the exception rather than the rule. But I honestly can’t think of anyone I know who is successful at what they do that isn’t disciplined. Success is not something that falls in your lap. Of course, winning the lottery is a different ballgame. That falls in your lap. However, that’s not the kind of success I am speaking of. I am talking about a sense of personal achievement, of a job well done. That kind of success can’t be measured in monetary value, although it most often happens that if you do good work the money will come. What about you? Do you have good work habits? Let’s talk about that.