How to find new customers for my business?

As I have said before, I have been really studying internet marketing over the last few months, trying to decide if I want to get involved in an online business, but there is one thing that I have wondered repeatedly about. How do you really get enough customers to make your business profitable? Sure, I realize that you have to do a LOT of marketing, and I have read SO much about mailing lists. But where do you get names for this mailing list? I was thinking, “heck, the only people I know online are other bloggers, writers, and some internet marketers. Where will my customers come from?”

Then today I found this site where you can buy mailing lists of people who would be interested in what you have to sell. Now THAT makes sense to me. You have got to reach the people who are looking for you, and getting in the top of search engines didn’t seem like the most effective way of doing that, or at least it seems like the hardest way.

But with an Intec Wholesale Lists I can get quality direct marketing lists at the lowest possible prices. They have provided businesses with the finest quality data for over a decade and they guarantee their data 100%, in writing, so that their clients can rest assured they are in good hands. The knowledgeable staff helps clients maximize the results of their direct marketing campaigns.

I am trying to make my mind up about what direction I will be taking as far as business is concerned. A lot of my decision will be based on what happens with the pay to post models. But if I Do decide that having an online business is what I want to do, I WILL be using this form of list building. I just can’t see any better way to get new customers more effectively.