How to have a wonderful day with my husband?

My choice yesterday was a good one. Though it was cloudy, it never rained, but it was cool for a Texas day in mid-June. My husband and I first stopped off at a moving sale. We found a box full of sturdy drinking glasses, some nice wine glasses, very funky, and a couple of cool books–a really nice, old cookbook and a big coffee table book with profiles of the gang from Trading Spaces.

Then we went downtown to the Farmer's Market. What a happening place! They have all kinds of shops, music, restaurants and fast food, but we had already had lunch and all we were really looking for was some good, fresh fruit. (Shane eats far too much chocolate) We got oranges, apples, nectarines, plums, a watermelon and the biggest, sweetest cantaloupe you've ever seen.

The downtown Dallas library is only a few blocks over. I got Joyce Carol Oates new book MISSING MOM, RUNAWAY–short stories by Alice Munro, HAUNTED–short horror stories by Chuck Papahniuk, I hear he's the best, and I got them to put my name on the waiting list for WATER FOR ELEPHANTS by Sara Gruen, a friend who's book I can't wait to read, and they also ordered AMERICAN WIVES by Beth Helms, another online friend. I was happy when I left the library.

I came home and made Tomato Cilantro Chicken and guacamole salad–oh, yeah, got the avacado at the Farmer's market too. The recipe for the chicken is the theme of the essay I recently had accepted by the Front Porch. It has romance thrown in there with the food. (that's always a good thing)

So, yeah, a wonderful day of shopping, cooking, eating and reading, and early to bed. My head is thanking me this morning that the day wasn't one of drinking and writing sad poetry.