How to make a living by blogging for paid to blog services?

I wrote last week about how well I was doing working for paid to post services. Since then I have received several comments and a couple of emails asking for advice on how to get started working for paid to post services and how to become successful at it.

After thinking it over I have decided that the most efficient way to explain is to offer my own experiences in this blog post. This way, anyone who is wondering how to begin and how to succeed with paid to post services will have access to the information. I am going to go through the steps I took getting started and the things I have learned along the way that have helped me succeed.

The first thing to keep in mind is that it takes time to start making good money through paid to post services. I have been doing this full time and steadily for a year. So be patient, don’t start thinking you can make a full time living getting paid to blog right off the bat, it’s going to take some time. (though not a year by any means if you follow the advice below)

An ordered list seems like the best way to explain how to get started and how to succeed so here goes:

1. Get your own domain–When Paid to Post first started out most bloggers that I know of used free blog hosting services such as Blogspot. But over time almost all of the paid to post services are changing their requirements, asking bloggers to have their own domain. The expense of having your own domain is nil compared to the money you can make once you get going, so don’t sweat the cost. Just find the most affordable hosting company that fits your needs and take the plunge. Getting your own domain is empowering anyway. You are in control of what happens, not at the mercy of a free blog hosting company, whose rules can change at any time.
2. Create Niche Blogs–I was actually lucky, because I had already decided on my own that having niche blogs was the way I wanted to go. Little did I know that eventually the paid to post services would prefer niche blogs over personal, run of the mill, talk about whatever is on your mind blogs. Pick topics that you are passionate about. That is the most important thing. You will be blogging daily, so it needs to be something that can keep your interest on a permanent basis. Don’t worry about finding the most popular niches, there are paid opportunities for everyone. Just pick niches that you are knowledgeable about and/or highly passionate about.
3. Blog consistently and provide quality content–The majority of paid to post services require that your blog be 90 days old with regular blog post all during that time. These post must also carry quality content, not just filler or two or three sentence posts. Have something to say and say it well. Which leads to the next step:
4. Build your traffic–The one thing you must have is dedication and patience to become a successful paid blogger. The opportunities pay more to blogs that have more traffic, page rank, and Alexa scores, things that must be worked on consistently and over time. For those 90 days, while you are waiting for your blog to be approved by the paid to blog services, while making quality, consistent post, network with other bloggers on social networking sites like Blog Catalog, Technorati, My Blog Log, Bumpzee; the list of social networking sites goes on and on, but those are my favorites. Also join sites like Digg and StumbleUpon. Be a regular contributor to these sites, visitor other blogs and comment, make friends, let your blogging be a way to communicate. Join blogging forums.
5. Never create a blog with only the intentions of making money–For one thing, it’s against the terms of service of most paid to blog companies, and for another, if you are not sincerely interested in your blog you won’t have traffic and if you don’t have traffic you will never reach the level of success that you want to have, as both a respected blogger and a money maker. I love the saying by Wayne Dyer, “Do what you love and the money will come.”
6. Study ways to be a successful blogger–I love learning, I am like a sponge. When I want to be successful at something I believe the way to do that is to emulate those who are already successful at what they are doing. There are so many great blogs, many that are listed in the sidebar of this site, that will help you learn how to become a successful blogger. If you are dedicated, the desire to learn more, to learn how to change templates, navigate your blog editor, install widgets, join affiliate programs, add Adsense, find new social networking sites, find new ways to build traffic, and so many other things that successful bloggers know, will be a natural part of the blogging experience.
7. Sign up with paid to blog services–when your 90 days are up and you have done all of the above, I can pretty much guarantee that you will have a blog that will qualify for paid to blog services. YOU WILL NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT.

Here is a list of the paid to post services that I am signed up with and recommend:

PAYPERPOST–I was asked in an email how to get started with PayPerPost, the paid to blog service where I make the brunt of my money. The person who sent me the message said that it was very confusing, but that she had signed up even though she didn’t have any blogs on her domain yet. Well, if she doesn’t have any blogs she won’t qualify. PayPerPost, like all of the other paid to post services, is for BLOGGERS. And as far as it being confusing, I can’t see how it is. You just have to read the instructions and learn, like anything else, but it makes it a whole lot easier to start out learning on the forums, which you will find a link to on the main page of PayPerPost, the link which is in the title of this section. But I will say that they way it works, the basics, are that new opportunities are posted off and on all throughout the day and night. By spending time refreshing the page you will find opps that you qualify for. You gotta type fast! You click on the opp, then must type in two captcha words. There are 70,000 bloggers working with PPP at this point, so learn to be fast on the draw and a fast typer when you enter the captcha. Then you can relax, for you have six hours once you grab the opp to write and submit the post. All of the advertiser’s requirements are listed in the opps. Advertisers get to vote for or against your post, so be careful to do a very good job and your tack rating will qualify you for better and better paying opps. An advertiser can ban you from other post if they aren’t happy with what you wrote. Payment is made through PayPal 30 days from the day you make the post. There is so much to learn, but it really isn’t hard, just a matter of dedication to learning and becoming the best blogger you can be. A new system is coming out this month called Argus which is supposed to increase the ability advertisers have to choose bloggers they want for their opps, and also create better paying opps for bloggers, (although the pay has been getting better and better at PPP over time.) Argus, from what I hear, will be based more on traffic than on page rank, though page rank up until now has been the holy grail of qualifying for better opps. We’ll see. I’m looking forward to seeing what Argus does for PayPerPost and for me.
Sponsored Reviews–This is my second favorite paid to blog service. Though I only get maybe two or three assignments a week, you get to choose the price you will charge and I often get assignments that pay very well because I am selective about the assignments I apply for and charge what I think I’m worth. (Never undersell yourself, just use common sense based on how well the subject matter fits your blog, the word count and other requirements, and the rating you have been given by Sponsored Reviews) You have a week to write the post and they pay within days of approval.
PayU2Blog–This is my third favorite paid to blog service. Though the assignments only pay me $5.00 each, they only require 60 words normally and are easy to submit once the post is done. They pay weekly and also have forums to help you learn how the service works and give you the opportunity to befriend other Payu2Blog bloggers. This is a good place for beginners to start.
Blogsvertise–This service sends you assignments through email with the advertiser requirements after you have signed up and become qualified. They also have grab bag opportunities you can check out daily that are listed in your blog section. It is very laid back, friendly, and easy to do. The opps for me run around $10 each. They pay 30 days after the post is made.
Loud Launch–Loud Launch sends out email notifications when new opportunities appear on their site. Each opp requires 150 words. Your payment is based on the popularity of your blog. Right now I am at $7.50 per post. I haven’t used Loud Launch in a long time, but only due to the fact that I spend most of my time working for the other services listed above. But it is still a great service and a good place for beginners to get started. They pay around the first of the month for all the post you have done through the 20th of the previous month.
Blogitive–this is also a good place for beginners to get started with paid to blog services. The opps don’t pay that much, $5.00 last time I checked, but you must start somewhere, and page rank, as far as I know at this point, is not a big part of qualifying for assignments. They pay weekly if I remember correctly.
Review Me–I have never had one single assignment from Review Me, even though I have been signed up with them for a year. To me, this site is exclusive to bloggers with page rank of 5 and above. (If I am wrong about that someone correct me) That’s just my perception. (Reaching a page rank of 5 is like wanting to win an Olympic medal, it takes a lot of work and time, but boy will I celebrate if I ever get there!)
CreamAid–Cream Aid is a whole different animal of the paid to blog services. You sign up, receive notification that a new conversation has started, sign up to join the conversation, post about it, and add the widget under your post so others can join the conversation. If your post gets picked by the advertiser you get paid the amount of the royalty shown when you join the conversation and are paid with 24 hours. If someone joins the conversation from your widget you also make a little more money.
Smorty–I like Smorty. It is easy to use, the payment for opps is usually decent and they pay quickly. The interface is very simple, the system the most basic. The only thing I find is that there are so many bloggers signed up that if you don’t get the email notifying you that a new assignment is listed before everyone else does the opp is no longer there. Still, sign up anyway and you may find that your situation is different.
I am not positive that all of these services require that your blog be 90 days old, so make sure and check out each one’s terms of service. But you are going to need to do that anyway. The best advice I can leave you with is to learn, learn, learn, and dedicate yourself to staying on top of what new developments there are, and be the best blogger you can, and you WILL be a successful blogger for paid to post services!