How to receive positive feedback as a writer?

I wrote several reviews and an article yesterday for two customers. I haven’t done any article writing to speak of for quite some time. Been busy blogging. So I had forgotten how good positive feedback from customers feels. I now have two clients who are happy and want more work. But more than anything I have my confidence in my ability renewed.

When you stop writing continuously for a client it is easy to begin slacking off. Like any other muscles, writing requires constant use or it becomes rusty. Both clients had glowing responses to my work, they said it was excellent. One client mentioned how picky he was, he said to just ask his wife, but he was so glad he had found me and that he would have plenty of work for me because I had exceeded his expectations. He added that he rarely told anyone that.

This kind of feedback made me feel SO good and made me determined to continue writing and doing the very best work I am capable of. What about you? Have you gotten positive feedback lately and want to share? Tell us about it. Give us all a boost for the weekend!