How to run a profitable affiliate marketing business?

I spent a lot of time over the weekend checking out different affiliate marketing companies. There is just SO much profit to be had if you are determined to give it your all. I wasn’t actually looking for a full time job as an affiliate, I was just looking for some types of programs that had stuff in my different blog niches. I found several that I will blog about later this week, a very comprehensive post with links. But I really wanted to share this one lead with you. If you are thinking about becoming an affiliate manager or just want some extra income for your website or blog be sure to check out the great program that offer at PepperJam.

During their eight years in business Pepperjam has built the most talented and professional affiliate program management team in the business. They are also one of the most connected companies in the business. Some of the best known Super Affiliates in the affiliate marketing industry are among their friends.

Pepperjam’s affiliate management service includes affiliate and super affiliate recruitment, newsletter creation and dissemination, banner design, landing page creation, daily communication with affiliates, reporting, and any and all strategic direction needed for the program to meet benchmarks and succeed.