How to run a social media campaign successfully?

I am really excited to share this information with you. I have let three of my blogs lie pretty much dormant for the past few months and was wondering how I could start generating more traffic in as little time as possible. I found the answer at IT in Canada. Ca. By simply checking out the information there and visiting the IT in Canada White Paper download page, I have discovered a great social media campaign plan that will work for me, but it is more specifically designed for bigger fish, like you, the small business owner.

Michael O’Neill, the founder, was a senior executive with IDC and with Info-Tech Research Group before founding IT in Canada. He looked at the full spectrum of marketing activities and formulated a unique hypothesis: that social media only provides real value when it is used as the basis of a multi-part campaign, and that it provides unique value when it is used in that way.

Mr. O’Neill discovered that advertisers comparing social media with other CPM or PPC sites miss the opportunity to engage with an audience that is less transactional than that found at most Internet news sites, and as a result aren’t able to uncover the real value in the medium.