I am happy after using EntreCard

I have to tell you, EntreCard, in my opinion, is the greatest thing to have hit the internet yet as far as social networking and traffic building goes. If you don’t know what EntreCard is, check out the widget on the right in my sidebar that has the E logo and says “drop yours” at the bottom. Within an hour of signing up for Entrecard I had 32 backlinks from there in my stats. That’s some impressive numbers. The concept is so simple it’s not even funny. All you do is sign up and create your own widget, which is like your business card for your blog. Then you visit other blogs in the EntreCard network and drop your card there. Every time you have some drop a card on your blog you get credits. After you have enough credits you can advertise on other blogs with your card. And it’s all free.

Read the great interview with the owner of EntreCard at Problogger and by all means, get signed up today! I am hooked. I have to make myself leave the site of Entrecard just so I can get some work done! And the great thing is, I am discovering some really great blogs I wouldn’t have otherwise known about, quality blogs. In fact, I am so impressed by several of the ones that are blogging and writing related that I am going to make a post in a couple of days with links to these blogs I like, and add their links to my sidebar.