I am overwhelmed by information overload

I don’t know about you but I must confess that lately I have been feeling as if I just can’t keep up with all the online things that I need or want to. Yes, I admit it, I who have always prided myself on being an efficient and organized person am feeling overwhelmed. Balance is needed.

But what is a person to do? There is so much information coming at us in our modern day digital world, a bullet speed, non-stop smorgasbord of technological advancements, the latest gadgets, new business ventures or marketing strategies, social networking sites, important news that affects our business or that we are highly interested in on a personal level, blog or forum posts by peers who we want to relate to and communicate with. And if you are a freelance entrepreneur like me, there is the challenge of making a living. For freelance writers/editors, time must be made for sending out resumes and touting our talents, for online business owners there is the selling of good, we all must be promoting our websites and communicating with prospective clients. THEN there is doing the actual work and doing it well, or the making of sales, of making a great impression so that we will turn prospective clients into long time customers.

Whew! See what I mean? I’m tired already! However, I am a person who has always believed that there are no real problems, only solutions. I don’t whine. I take action. But before I could decide what action needed to be taken I had to do some soul searching and realize that I cannot be all places at all times and all things to all people. To stay at my optimum productivity while not forgetting to enjoy myself was the challenge I was facing. And you know what? I like nothing better than a challenge. William Frederick Halsey, Jr., a Fleet Admiral in the U.S. Navy, had this to say about challenges,” There are no great people in this world, only great challenges which ordinary people rise to meet.”

So what did this ‘ordinary person’ decide to do? Prioritize. And my first priority is to my business. Making a living, promoting myself and my business, has to take precedence over everything else, otherwise you and I wouldn’t be having this conversation. I’d be stuck behind a desk that belonged to someone else doing work for them, not enjoying this freedom of the entrepreneur. But as I stated before, there must be balance. All work and no play doth a dull boy Johnny makes. I can’t forget to enjoy myself. That was the main objective of becoming an entrepreneur in the first place, to have fun making a living, one with no glass ceiling, but also one where I was the captain of my own industry, and of my own time. Therefore, the next challenge was to become a discerning online consumer. I have carefully selected the best of the best of the blogs and websites that keep me informed about the things that affect my business as well as the things that interest me and keep me entertained. I have subscribed to the feeds of my favorite blogs so that I receive an email each time there is an updated post. I chose my very favorite websites and added them to my favorites. I set myself a schedule, with time allowed for work and for play. Wait. I just had an epiphany. If you have the true heart of an entrepreneur, work IS play! Let the games begin!