I am quitting Associated Content program

A few months ago I decided that I could make some extra money by submitting my longer, more informative blog post to Associated Content and make a little extra cash. I even started an AC blog, and was ready to dive in and commit myself to blogging about my experience. I also held a discussion here on this blog, asking other writers what they thought about AC.

Well, I am here to tell you after having yet one more article rejected by them, an article I wrote on this blog with great tips for beginning writers, which if I must say so myself was very good, I will not be submitting anything else to Associated Content. It seems that they have figured out that they can reject articles for pay from writers but will still get to publish the articles by offering a smidgen for page views. Of course, the writer has to do all the marketing of the article to make any money, so basically, AC has to do…NOTHING! Just rake in the cash.

AC, you have reached a new low and I hope to see you soon disappear from the landscape of the internet and the writers who are working for you for peanuts, I hope they all wise up and leave you in the lurch. However, unfortunately, as the saying goes, “There’s a fool born every minute” and I am pretty sure you will never run out of new writers with dreams of being published that you can take advantage of.