PC AskMe experience

I was thinking this morning–my son says I think too much, he’s probably right, but that’s the way I have always been, I study on stuff–about how unique the experience of working at home is when it comes to support. Those of us who work from home don’t have the benefit of turning to a fellow employee and asking for help. Of course, there are so many perks to working at home that there also has to be some drawbacks.

But I have to tell you, nothing made me more nervous than the day my computer crashed. There I was, in the middle of blogging, and boom! Nothing, a blank screen, and the mouse wouldn’t move. This had never happened to me before, and even when I did have the slightest technical problem I had always had my geeky husband to call. But I didn’t have him anymore. I didn’t know what to do.

I ended buying a new, refurbished computer. I still wonder if maybe there was some PC Repairs that I could have done and saved myself from having to do that. Now I run across this site called PC Ask Me. The story of my life, a day late and a dollar short! PC Ask Me offers online computer support. They can efficiently resolve computer problems via the internet.

Oh how I wish I had known about them before today. But alas, the bright side of the coin is that I get to tell you about them and maybe save you from having to buy a new computer when the problem you are having could very well be rectified online with the help of PC Ask Me. They offer virus and spyware removal and maintenance, setup and installation of your peripheral devices, memory and performance enhancements and much more.