Reputed website optimization firm to grow traffic

I am not sure if you are aware or not, but for those of you who own online businesses and don’t have the time, talent or inclination to start a blog, you can hire a website optimization firm to do it for you. I didn’t know this until today. I always thought that a website optimization firm was strictly about SEO for your site and traffic generation. But I have learned that you can enlist a website optimization firm to create your blog for you on a stand alone domain such as, complete with the first year of hosting paid for maximum SEO benefit. They will install customized blog software, research keywords and create a blogging plan for you, enable your blog with automatic ping functionality, equip your new business blog with an automatic RSS feed and will submit your blog URL to prominent RSS and blog directories and search engines. They will even supply you with instruction for writing your blog.

So now. If you own a small business, whether it be an online storefront or a brick and mortar store, you can stop procrastinating about starting that blog you’ve been considering for so long. You MUST have a web presence, and even if you have a website already, blogging helps build customer relationship and thus business, which means more money in your pocket. Besides, it’s fun!