What books to read for a really good time?

Big, fat, hardback books, books with heft and depth inside. Right now, on my desk are these books:
  1. The Art of the Short Story
  2. The 2006 Pushcart Prize-Best of the Small Presses
  3. The American Shorty Story-A Collection of the All Time Best
  4. Short Story Masterpieces

I have only recently discovered my love of the short story. I want to write great short stories, so I am diving into these books, for pleasure, but also in hope of learning by osmosis, to see how the great ones did it. But I have always had a love affair with books of all kinds.  And libraries. Read this excerpt from my novel and you’ll see how much I love libraries.

“The minute they stepped onto the grounds of the library, Maddy breathed a happy sigh. Grandma and Madge used to bring her and Corey here when they were little for Saturday morning story hour. But Maddy had been having her own personal love affair with the actual building since she was about six. She used to hide behind the huge marble columns as a safe, tight place to be alone with her thoughts.

The library lawn was like thick green carpet. There were black wrought-iron benches sitting under the huge trees. The hedges along the building were perfectly trimmed. Pink-blossomed trees lined the driveway, which was made of red bricks. Fat yellow roses, as big as Grandma’s, dotted the spaces between the trees. Maddy bent at one of the rose bushes and treated herself to a big, beautiful whiff.

When she and Corey walked into the library their feet treaded lighter, respecting the rules they’d been taught long ago. It often crossed Maddy’s mind when she was here that there was something magical about the sound of ancient paper rustling in the same room with the whir of a modern day printer.”

Libraries rock!