What is the best email marketing software?

I have to admit this to you. When I signed onto the internet for the very first time and set up my first email address I did not pay much attention to email messages I got that were meant as sales pitches. But lately I have begun to notice that the quality of the messages I get in my emails of the sales type are much higher. I have even clicked on the links in several messages that interested me and found some helpful information. From a customer standpoint, this is good news for you, the small business owner or online marketer. Seems to me that business owners have gotten smarter and more sophisticated in their styles when it comes to email marketing.

When I talk about the quality of emails I find the need to point out the great email console at software projects. With Email Marketing becoming so much more acceptable by consumers, when done properly, email marketing can generate sales leads, build brand advocates, and enhance brand image while reminding your audience of your product offerings. Email is relatively inexpensive as compared to snail mail and much quicker to implement. It is also much easier in terms of tracking response and Return On Investment when compared to other mediums. It is the most cost effective way to communicate your message to existing customers and generate new leads.

The email console offered by Software Projects is a Web-based open architecture that has 100% branding control. Your emails will not contain a footer that advertises Software Projects, for one thing. You are in complete control of the look and feel of the emails you send. There is also built-in CRM, with all emails automatically tagged. And one of the most attractive features is that you can try this program for free for 30 days. It is also a monthly subscription service that you can cancel at anytime.