What to do if my relationship is not working out?

I have to admit it. The holidays just about killed me. I haven’t felt like myself since mid November. Today is the first day that I actually feel good since the end of the holiday season. The reason I have felt so bad is that I miss my husband. We are still legally married. I haven’t done anything because, well, for one thing, I think in the back of my mind I keep hoping he might have a change of heart. Another is that I haven’t had the money to file for a divorce.

What I really wish is that before he threw the towel in he would have been willing to try to save our marriage through couples counseling. We were such good friends throughout our marriage that when he became addicted to an online game and said he’d fallen in love with someone else I was so devastated. I was in shock. It makes me angry that he didn’t tell me that he was unhappy before he went looking for love somewhere else. If he had, maybe marriage counseling could have saved us. Oh, well. It takes two and he doesn’t seem to want to tango.
What about you? What is your relationship story? If you are brave enough to post about trouble you might be having, also be brave enough to seek counseling before you give up. Too many couples don’t stick by their commitment to their significant other, thus the huge divorce rate and the record number of single people in our society today.

Or if you don’t feel like spilling your guts here, at least check out Dr. Marty’s site, a great place to start seeking help. His site, Your Marriage Counselor, the link to which is in the second paragraph of this post, has some really helpful information that might just get your relationship back on track. Down to earth, solid advice.