What type of a blogger am I?

I was over at Alicia Sparks’ blog, Writing Spark, yesterday and found this fun test called the Technosailor Self Importance Test. It only takes a few seconds to answer a couple of questions and you will be told what well known blogger you are most like.

My results?: You are most like Matt Mullenweg!  Though you recognize your authority, you do not relish the idea of using your power too aggressively. Instead, you rely on peers a lot. You do participate in the social media world, but it is not something that occupies a lot of time. You most liklely devote yourself to projects that you feel passionate about and tend to evangelize those things quite a bit. I can live with that! Why not take a minute out of your busy day and have some fun finding out what blogger you are most like? It’s Friday after all, have a little fun.