Experience of transitioning from Wordpress to Blogger

For a variety of technical and personal considerations, I decided to migrate my blog from Wordpress to Blogger.  It was a hassle to constantly update the software, make sure that all the databases were secure and updated, and then also paying each month for it.  Since Google is behind Blogger, I have to worry nothing at all about the underlying technology.  I am a writer, that is what I am good at and love doing it, and the less I worry about the technology, the more time I have to write.

Unfortunately, even though I was hoping it to be the last technological headache in my blogging journey, it has been quite a challenge, though, not necessarily a nightmare.  Sometimes the files would not be accepted by Blogger because they were larger than 1 MB or that they were not in the right format.  And some files have simply been repeatedly rejected.  The images have also not migrated as smoothly as I expected. The good news is that it got done, most of the content is now here, and what I have lost is probably not something that I would agonize over.