A writer's relationship with God

I have been hanging out on writer’s message boards for two years almost everyday, and something has occurred to me. The majority of the ones I’ve come in contact with don’t believe in God. You know why I think that is? Because writers have huge egos and they secretly believe themselves to be gods of a sort. And I mean really, if you think about it, they came by this naturally. They are, after all, creating and destroying worlds in their fiction, killing off the bad guys, rewarding the good guys, eliminating characters upon a whim.

That’s powerful stuff. (I hope you realize this is the wild rambling of an over-active imagination.)  But do you know why I love this blog much more than posting on a message board? (off topic here, but humor me, and this IS something I am going to address in a later post, the strange and often disturbing dynamics of message boards) If I said these things on a message board, I’d be flamed, ridiculed, or run out of town on a rail. I  won’t get that here. If someone leaves a comment that I don’t like I can delete it.  Mmmhhh, maybe “I” think myself a bit godly too?

But aaaanyway, as ELLEN says, for the record, and seriously, here’s my take on God. I believe in a Supreme being, but I don’t think it’s some big pie-in-the-sky-guy sitting on a golden throne, throwing down punishments or favors left and right. I believe that the bible, though spiritually inspired, was written by man to express his feelings, opinions, and emotions, and that if was written in good faith as a guide to others, but is therefore a good source of inspiration but not a history book.  I think God is energy, a Source we are all connected to, maybe even Nature herself. (that would make God a she, and I like that idea)  I guess that makes me a Pagan? God! I hate that word.